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Since 2000, the regional civic group known as DISCOVER! 370 has been spearheading efforts to promote business opportunities along the burgeoning Highway 370 corridor linking St. Charles and St. Louis Counties.

Our current and growing membership includes communities, governmental agencies, businesses, and groups from both sides of the Missouri River who are dedicated to progressive planning and profound results along this 12-mile corridor.

Working together, we are helping business owners, developers, commercial brokers, bankers, customers, employees, residents, homeowners, and tourists "Discover 370!"

"The story needs to be told of what a unique corridor this is; what's out there now and the potential that's ahead," said Nadine Boon, Discover! 370's chairperson and the economic development director for the city of St. Charles. "Our mission is to tell that story."

See how our vision has made great strides for the 370 region during its first decade of growth and success!

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